“Hearty congratulations for such a terrific project & performance. Mortal really has been a triumph both in terms of the process of development and final performances.”
Ken Arnold, Head of Public Programmes Wellcome Collection

I think Mortal has stayed with me as a very rich engaging project which tackled sensitive issues in a really positive way. It was really refreshing to work with a group of young people when discussing the concept of death and I think the production reflected the energy of the group and the tight group dynamic. I think I will never be able to discuss the subject of death now without thinking of this project and will get flashbacks to the dance of death or dancing the salsa with a plastic skeleton! It was an inspiring experience for me to see how youth theatre can create such strong work and have such a professional process, and how the young people involved responded so well to this environment – which is largely due to your strong abilities as a director/co ordinator of the project – I think you got the best out of everyone! Liv Wright, Designer


Elizabeth was the dynamic and creative leader behind Evolving Words. She identified and unified partners across 6 cites in the UK and provided an exceptional level of support to them all. Miranda Gomperts, Director Cambridge Darwin Festival, January 2010

A fluid thinker, she invites ideas and then allows you the space to see if they work, which in a creative environment is exactly how it should be. Asma Shah, Director, You Make It Ltd. June 2010

Elizabeth is extremely driven, creative and enthusiastic. This combination of traits fires up the projects which she runs. I worked with her as part of the Wellcome Trust funded ‘Evolving Words’ project.  Her ability to organise, plan and support teams from across the UK was immense.” Djuke Veldhuis, Science Communicator March 2010

I worked with Elizabeth at the Roundhouse over a period of 6 years. She is always bursting with energy; always has a string of new ideas to offer; sets up extremely forward looking projects wherever she goes; knows how to apply her vision in any environment; is able to convince funding bodies and stakeholders to invest in daring initiatives; motivates teams so that they produce work of the best quality; and, most importantly, she is fun to work with and easy to talk to. In short, she is an inspiring producer. Susannah Elliot Freelance Producer at Audio-Visuals for Museums, June  2010

You inspire me to do better and to fulfill my dreams and succeed. Louise Palton, Roundhouse, May 2008

You have been a truly inspirational director  and the real driving force behind the success of the Studios. The radio group in particular have great admiration for your contribution to their lives. Alex Feldman, Director Pixiu Media, May 2008

The young people we interviewed really valued her approach; knowing their names, coming to performances, stopping to talk to them in the foyer, using praise, great enthusiasm, and willing to listen to their problems and help them out. Alice Sampson, University of East London, March 2008


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